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definition of role_id's

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definition of role_id's

Postby makouvlei » Wed Nov 17, 2010 3:21 am

Is there a definition anywhere of the values used as role_id's in the roles table? I don't seem to be able to find it in anywhere.

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Re: definition of role_id's

Postby asmecher » Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:09 am

Hi makouvlei,

Grepping for ROLE_ID_... constants in the PHP code using:
Code: Select all
grep -e "define.*ROLE_ID_" `find . -name \*.php`
Code: Select all
./classes/security/Role.inc.php:define('ROLE_ID_SITE_ADMIN',      0x00000001);
./classes/security/Role.inc.php:define('ROLE_ID_JOURNAL_MANAGER',   0x00000010);
./classes/security/Role.inc.php:define('ROLE_ID_EDITOR',      0x00000100);
./classes/security/Role.inc.php:define('ROLE_ID_SECTION_EDITOR',   0x00000200);
./classes/security/Role.inc.php:define('ROLE_ID_LAYOUT_EDITOR',      0x00000300);
./classes/security/Role.inc.php:define('ROLE_ID_REVIEWER',      0x00001000);
./classes/security/Role.inc.php:define('ROLE_ID_COPYEDITOR',      0x00002000);
./classes/security/Role.inc.php:define('ROLE_ID_PROOFREADER',      0x00003000);
./classes/security/Role.inc.php:define('ROLE_ID_AUTHOR',      0x00010000);
./classes/security/Role.inc.php:define('ROLE_ID_READER',      0x00100000);
./classes/security/Role.inc.php:define('ROLE_ID_SUBSCRIPTION_MANAGER',   0x00200000);
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