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navigating back to the site home page

Postby jqj » Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:50 pm

This may be a newbie question rather than a feature request:

In a multiple-journal installation, the relationship between a journal (with its multiple pages), and the site-wide pages is somewhat unclear. Once I'm within a journal, most of the items on the navigation bar and breadcrumb trail take me to other pages within that journal. The "Home" button and "Home" on the breadcrumb trail, for instance, take me to the journal home page (with its catalog of journals). Only "User Home" breaks out of the journal and goes to a different space (journal #0). From there, "Home" takes me to the site-wide home page.

If I'm just a visitor to an OJS publisher and browse to a particular journal without being logged in, I don't have a "User Home" and there is no obvious way at all for me to get back to the catalog page (the site home page).

Having 3 different home pages seems likely to be confusing to users, and the current layout certainly does not facilitate browsing among multiple journals.

One possible fix (I'm not sure it it's the best one) would be to make the "Home" item in the breadcrumb trail consistently return to the site home page rather than to the journal home page, perhaps re-titling the breadcrumb item "Site Home".
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Re: navigating back to the site home page

Postby jmacgreg » Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:16 pm

Hi JQ,

Which version of OJS are you using? IIRC, the "Home" link behaviour was changed in OJS 2.3 to point to the root homepage universally (although it hasn't been renamed "Site Home", which may not be a bad idea), while other navigation bar items are context sensitive -- if they are at either the site or individual journal level they point to that level's about context, etc. We'll continue to work on how these navigation items work contextually as time goes on, so more feedback is always appreciated.

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