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bugs, features, confusions?

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bugs, features, confusions?

Postby smitech » Sat Dec 23, 2006 9:24 am

I'm posting this list of issues we ran across during evaluation. None are critical - this is just a dump of things we ran into, from my notes.

OJS Bugs, Confusions and Feature Requests

1. A journal is configured with a single section which is specified as
contanining non-peer reviewed articles. But at article submission time, on the Uploading Supplemental Files page, there is text pertaining to blind reviews. A link on the editor's Submissions Review page also refers to peer reviews. Also, section headers contain "Peer Review" when "Review" would be sufficient.

2. On the Section Configuration page there is a checkbox that states that
articles in this section do not require abstracts. If this is checked, no
provision is made for abstracts at all in metadata. I suggest that checking this box should simply make including abstract text at submission time an option. Or the text next to the checkbox should be changed to reflect the reality of the implementation. But there is a problem with the latter and that is that, if Abstract reader tool is selected for this journal then it will appear as a menu choice which will lead to an Abstract heading but no abstract.

3. Instructions for full search on search page state that search terms are case sensitive, but if you put "daisy" in the "Search all catagories for" field the search results will return an article that has the word "Daisy" in the abstract metadata.

4. If there are no announcements, the announcements heading should probably not be printed, nor the link to the more announcements page.

5. Journal issues are configured to be identified only by date - no vol. and num. But using the Notify Colleague reading tool, the default text placed in the body of the message contains vol. and num.

6. The current issue has a single article, which has the word "pizzicato" in it. A full text search for "pizzicato" indicates the article. Another article
is added to the issue, this one does not contain the word "pizzicato". But a ful text search for the word indicates it is in both articles. I have not yet reduced this to a simple test case unfortunately. One possible hint to this behavior is that this issue was used as a sandbox, and a number of articles were added to it and deleted from it. Also, the article which does not contain the word does not have an abstract in metadata.

7. In archive display, if an issue was published with only a name (no year, vol., num.) it is displayed under a year 0 header. Fixed locally in
{* SMITech - Don't print year 0 *}
{if 0 <> $issue->getYear()}

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