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OJS - Shibboleth Integration

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OJS - Shibboleth Integration

Postby jcmoreira » Fri Jul 18, 2014 5:58 am

Hi !

I've recently been assigned the task to integrate our OJS with a federation using the Shibboleth plugin. However, when we activate and configure the plugin, the "local" login page disappears, and the only authentication method available is the shibboleth one.
Is that the way it was supposed to be? I mean, we wanted to make OJS available to users in the federation, but without closing access to
non-federated users. Is there a way to make this "mixed" auth method, with
the current OJS version?
If not, are there any plans to make it possible?
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Re: OJS - Shibboleth Integration

Postby meinbrodt » Mon Sep 29, 2014 4:47 am


we encountered the same behavior. So far it doesn't seem to be possible to allow a single-sign-on for users of your institution using a third party authentication provider and to give external users the possibility to register and authenticate directly with OJS.

I suppose it has something to do with the following point made in this post (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=12164&p=46482&hilit=shibboleth#p46482)

The reason that this is such a sore point is that OJS requires good relational data storage for content attached to users: who reviewed what; who has what role; etc. This means it's necessary for OJS to maintain its own user database for the sake of maintaining a reliable audit trail for the journals. Having that database synchronize against a separate database of some sort introduces a lot of questions about how alignment should be maintained. We haven't managed to determine best practices here.

Regards, Matthias
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