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Institution Subscriber Access Statistics

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Institution Subscriber Access Statistics

Postby yhan » Wed Mar 26, 2014 3:05 pm

Hello, All,

My institution has a few new requests to allow journal subscribers to check their users' access statistics. For example, journal has subscribers A, B, C, and so on. Institution Subscriber A would like to know their users' statistics using the journal so that Subscriber A can evaluate the use/cost of the journal.

This is the same case as a post in 2011 (viewtopic.php?f=9&t=7657&p=29622&hilit=usage#p29622).

Any update on this feature?

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Re: Institution Subscriber Access Statistics

Postby bbeghelli » Fri Mar 28, 2014 9:46 am

Hi yhan,

Institution Subscriber A would like to know their users' statistics using the journal

The current statistics implementation can't give you this information. The statistics are stored without any user information deeper than geolocalization.

To make this possible without having to store each user id access (which would increase the data stored in database a lot) I would suggest to create a institution dimension to the metrics. Then each statistic entry could define the institution where the request came from. To know that we can make it possible to setup ip ranges for institutions and then reprocess the log files to compare the ip's inside the logs and know where the access came from. This would give a good amount of information to institutions, limiting the size of stored data inside the metrics table. It will be much bigger than now though, because we will be grouping stats in a smaller granularity level. But not as bad as defining the granularity at user level.

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