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ojs statistics decrease after upgrade to 2.3.7 from 2.3.6

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ojs statistics decrease after upgrade to 2.3.7 from 2.3.6

Postby linghe » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:03 am


We have been using a SQL statement to do our statistics for several years and have no problems. However, after a 2.3.7 upgrade from 2.3.6, our file view counts were tremendously dropped around 25k hits for a month. I checked ArticleGalleyDAO.inc.php and 2.3.7 readme.txt and still have no idea how come our galley hits decreased so much. Here is the SQL:

select sum(a.views) from article_galleys a, published_articles p, issues i where i.issue_id=p.issue_id and p.article_id=a.article_id and i.journal_id=$journal_id

Could someone help me with that?

Many thanks,
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Re: ojs statistics decrease after upgrade to 2.3.7 from 2.3.

Postby linghe » Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:46 am

Just found out the drop was caused by more bots checking in ArticleHandler in 2.3.7+Bug 7681 Patch :) Since the view counts and Counter statistics are checking the same bots now, will their statistics number be identical? But View counts are still much more than Counter for our October stats, is it because the following code in Counter?:
if ( $lastRequestGap < 10 ) return false;
// if last request was less than 30 seconds ago AND is PDF then return without recording this view
if ( $galley->isPdfGalley() && ($lastRequestGap < 30) ) return false;
$session->setSessionVar('lastRequest', time());
What's the real benefit for the above code? If it makes the stats more accurate, why not add it for View counts?

And I am also curious what statistics is your institution using? Counter or View counts in article_galleys? Or both like us? Or anything else?

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