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sending mail from OJS

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sending mail from OJS

Postby agonzalezc » Tue May 10, 2011 6:40 am

Good day to all, I have a problem for sending mail
from a magazine published in OJS, I have understood that I must change something in
the file "config.inc.php" where the magazine is installed, I have already
identified the file, and inside this I already saw where you have to be
change the configuration to make shipments from OJS, but my
drawback is that you be placed there, I do not know how to modify this
file down I place the configuration file that is inside,
for you to help me and I can solve the problem.

the file that I believe should be changed is:

; Email Settings;


; Use SMTP for sending mail INSTEAD of mail ()
; Smtp = On

; SMTP server settings
; Smtp_server =
; Smtp_port = 25

; Enable SMTP authentication
; Supported Mechanisms: PLAIN, LOGIN, CRAM-MD5, and DIGEST-MD5
; Smtp_auth = PLAIN
; Smtp_username =
; Smtp_password =

; Allow envelope sender To Be Specified
, (May Not Be Some possible with server Configurations)
; Allow_envelope_sender = Off

; Default envelope sender to use if none is elsewhere Specified

; Default_envelope_sender = my_address@my_host.com

; Enable attachments in the various "Send Email" pages.
; (Not Disabling here will disable features on That attachments
; Require Them, e.g. attachment-based reviews)
enable_attachments = On

; Amount of time required entre Attempts to send emails non-editorial
, In seconds. This Can Be Used To Help Prevent email relaying via OJS.
time_between_emails = 3600

, Maximum number of recipients That Can Be included in a single email
, (Either as To:, Cc:, or Bcc: addresses) for a non-Privilege user
max_recipients = 10

; If enabled, email addresses Must Be Validated Before login is possible.
require_validation = Off

, Maximum number of days before an unvalidated account expires and is deleted
validation_timeout = 14

thank you very much all what I can and want to collaborate
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Re: sending mail from OJS

Postby jmacgreg » Fri May 13, 2011 11:59 am

Hi there,

This FAQ entry has some information on how email sending works in OJS. Note that if you want to use a sendmail/postfix mail server, you will have to configure OJS (in the part of config.inc.php that you point to) to work with that server. You can probably find more information on the forum by searching for "sendmail" or even just "configure email". If you have any more specific questions, let us know.

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