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rebuildSearchIndex misbehavior

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rebuildSearchIndex misbehavior

Postby sqro » Sun Jan 26, 2014 6:31 am

Hello everyone
Let me describe my case in few points:

1. I tried to build fulltext index but there appeared the memory leakage problem. I patched it but due to act that patch tool was unable to locate the HookRegistry.inc.php i did it manually by straightforward substituting the file with https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/blob/06b ... ry.inc.php

2. Then I re-run the rebuildSearchIndex.
Clearing index ...
Indexing "Studia Informatica" ...

it takes a while and during the running it reports following errors:
"Error: Expected the default config, but wasn't able to find it, or it isn't a Dictionary" few times
"Error: Missing or invalid 'Bounds' entry in stitching function" once
"Error: Expected the default config, but wasn't able to find it, or it isn't a Dictionary" numerous times
but finally i get: "619 articles indexed"

After the first run the index was definitely incomplete (some papers weren't indexed) but after some further re-runs it is probably complete or large enough for me to find it hard to identify lack of papers. So it is ok. Full text search works really nice now.

But the problem appeared there are now missing indexes for browsing and searching: By Title, By Sections, By Identify Types. All of them they result in "no results" in both search and browse.

Another strange thing it is during the full text search i see just first 20 of the papers and cannot jump further, the bottom line of the search is "0 - 0 of 175 Items > >> " but clicking these signs gives no change we still remain in the first page
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Re: rebuildSearchIndex misbehavior

Postby asmecher » Mon Jan 27, 2014 7:19 am

Hi sqro,

The error messages you quote come from your PDF text extraction tool, not OJS; they suggest that some of your PDFs don't play nice with text extraction. This, unfortunately, is normal, depending on how you're generating your PDFs.

As for the browsing problems, first check to see that you have valid settings for the number of items per page to display. This should be on Journal Setup page 5.

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