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Unassigned, In Review, Accepted, Archived - Database

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Unassigned, In Review, Accepted, Archived - Database

Postby petienne » Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:20 am

I didn't want to make the thread subject "status" or "submission_progress" as those things seem to mean something specific, the definitions for which lead me to understand that they are not what I'm after.

What I am looking for is how the designations of Unassigned, In Review, Accepted, or Archived are captured within the database. From what I understand "status" has a potential of a binary value which indicate that it is either archived or not. In pursuit of determining which database fields might hold values that would represent unassigned, in-review, or accepted, I've been looking at these other fields within the "papers" table: "submission_progress" and "current_stage". From a related search I've found that "current_stage" is representative of whether it is the "abstract" or "presentation" which is in review (source). The same source also indicates that "submission_progress" is where values are stored related to what step of the submission process a paper is in, however my testing has yielded the result of papers both unassigned and in-review as a submission_progress value of "0".

My question is to verify my current understanding of these various fields and also specifically to ask how one might determine through a database query whether a paper is "unassigned" or "in review".

If someone has the info on hand, a quick summary of the submission_progress field (value & meaning pairs) could be very valuable and certainly appreciated.

In general, any information or resources with the above would be a great help. I've been running reports on a few of our ocs instances lately and these seem to be reoccurring questions.

- Patrick E.
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Re: Unassigned, In Review, Accepted, Archived - Database

Postby mcrider » Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:20 pm

Hi Patrick,

The numbers showing up in the papers table correspond to constants defined in classes/paper/Paper.inc.php--The named constants are pretty self-explanatory so, take a look in there and that should clear things up.

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