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Re: Feature request: public link to copy-and-paste

Postby Peacemaker » Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:19 pm

mgregson wrote:It would be really nice if the Public Folder Browser provided a public link for each file (e.g., /public/journals/1/example.pdf) that can be copied and pasted elsewhere. A good use case is additional guidelines for authors that may be uploaded and then linked from the Author Guidelines section. This feature would simplify the creation of publicly accessible links to documents. This is particularly important for journal staff with limited HTML/web skills. As it is currently, the person creating links needs to remember the URL format or copy it from elsewhere, e.g., existing links or separate documentation.


Hi Mark,

Try add following code on line 50 in index.tpl

Code: Select all
<a href="{$publicFilesDir}/{$filePath}">LINK</a>&nbsp;|

It enable absolute file link in File Browser under actions.


Radek Svetlik
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