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Order of references during the article submission

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Order of references during the article submission

Postby primozs » Sun May 12, 2013 1:20 am


I have a question about citation of references. The point is the authors are referencing to other sources in the body of their articles. Usually the references are numbered from one on.
When submitting the article to the OJS the authors have to list the references in a separate field in the third step of submitting process.

Now, the problem we have is, how to assure that the order of references in this separate field in the article submission process is the same as the order of references in the body of the article? What are your experiences regarding this? Any hint how to solve it?

Regards, Primož
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Re: Order of references during the article submission

Postby vgabler » Fri May 17, 2013 8:18 am


The option of whether or not to have authors submit the references as part of the metadata is up to each journal. If you've decided to exercise this option, this field functions as any other metadata field in OJS. Verifying the veracity of the metadata fields is up to either the author or, ultimately, the journal staff. Just as in the case of when a title or the authorship may change during the editing process, someone will have to manually update and verify the metadata. For the journals our group publishes, at the time just prior to publication, we open the metadata in one browser and the PDF file we publish in a second browser and manually check that they match before we publish an article or issue. Currently there is no way to automatic this type of work.

All best,
Vanessa Gabler
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