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Suggestions for possible enhancements---paper submission

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Suggestions for possible enhancements---paper submission

Postby osborne » Tue Jun 22, 2004 7:25 pm

I'm testing OJS for an open-access journal I'm planning to start with a group of economists. Here are some suggestions for mostly minor enhancements. (If you prefer that these sort of comments be posted on Bugzilla, please let me know.)

1. We plan to have only a single section in the journal, namely articles. It would be better for us if the "A. Journal Section" part of the submission form
http://ww2.economics.utoronto.ca/ojs/ad ... /step1.php
didn't exist.

2. On
http://ww2.economics.utoronto.ca/ojs/ad ... 3.php?id=4
wouldn't it make more sense to say
File name (yours): ...
File name (ours): ...
rather than
File name (old): ...
File name (new): ...

3. On the same page, after the file has been uploaded, to explanation of how to upload a paper remains ("To upload the submission file ..."), which it seems might create doubt in an author's mind that the file had actually been uploaded.

4. We plan to accept submissions only as pdf files---we'd like the submission upload function to reject any other filetype.

5. We are planning to charge a submission fee (unless we can find a generous sponsor ...) Thus we would like one step of the submission process to allow the author to give us her credit card number.

6. On the page
https://ww2.economics.utoronto.ca/ojs/a ... lelist.php
the "view status" link in the right-hand column seems to be misaligned (in Netscape 7.1/W98)---it's too high (the baseline is about waist-high relative to the text in the other columns).

7. Doesn't it make sense on the page
https://ww2.economics.utoronto.ca/ojs/a ... age=1&id=4
that the "Editor review" section appear only after the editor has made a decision on the paper? At the moment it seems that the author can submit a revised version of the paper even before refereeing is complete. (The same comment applies to the "Submission Editing" page.)
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