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Changes in the OJS system

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Changes in the OJS system

Postby ramon » Fri Oct 17, 2003 12:41 pm

Dear fellow OJSers,

We were wondering why the name of the Author is showing on the Reviewer´s page (admin/reviewer/requests.php). In our case, it is a policy of our journal that the reviewer cannot view the name, because the reviewing process is anonymous.

So, we commented the column, in the file ../include/requests.php as follows:

Code: Select all
<table width="<?php echo $pagewidth-20 ?>" align="center" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="5" border="0" bgcolor="#C4C4C4">
<tr bgcolor="#0099CC">
    <td width="15" align="center"><b><span class="medtext_white">#</span></b></td>
    <td width="80"><b><span class="medtext_white"><?php echo _tr('SUBMITTED') ?></span></b></td>
html comment of column title
comentando coluna de autores, na página do revisor
     <td width="100"><b><span class="medtext_white">

<?php //echo _tr('AUTHORS') ?>

end of HTML column title


   <td width="<?php echo $pagewidth-200 ?>"><b><span class="medtext_white"><?php echo _tr('TITLE') ?></span></b></td>
   <td width="80" align="center"><b><span class="medtext_white"><?php echo _tr('REQUEST') ?></span></b></td>
   <td width="80" align="center"><b><span class="medtext_white"><?php echo _tr('COMPLETE') ?></span></b></td>

$num = $db->num_rows($articlequery);
if ($num == 0) {

    <td colspan="6" align="center" height="80" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><?php echo _tr('NONE_ASSIGNED') ?></td>

} else {

    $line = 1;   
    for ($i=0; $i < $num; $i++)
      $n = $i + 1 + $rowstart;
       $row = $db->assoc_array($articlequery);
       if ($line == 1) { echo "<tr bgcolor=\"#FFFFFF\">"; } else { echo "<tr bgcolor=\"#EEEEEE\">"; }
       echo "<td height=\"30\" width=\"15\">&nbsp;$n.</td>";

      if(empty($row['chMetaTitle'])) {
          $title = _tr('UNTITLED_SUBMISSION');
      } else if (strlen($row["chMetaTitle"]) > 75) {
          $title = substr($row["chMetaTitle"],0,75)."...";
      } else {
        $title = $row["chMetaTitle"];
      echo "<td>".date("Y/m/d", strtotime($row["dtDateSubmitted"]))."</td>";
 /*start of php comment of Author name
 comentando coluna que mostra nome do autor na tela do revisor
      echo "<td>";
       $authorquery = $db->query("SELECT chSurname FROM tblmetaauthors WHERE fkArticleID='".$row['nArticleID']."' ORDER BY nRank") or die($query);
           $authornum = $db->num_rows($authorquery);
           for ($j=0; $j < $authornum; $j++) {
              $authorinfo = $db->assoc_array($authorquery, $j);
                  echo $authorinfo["chSurname"];
                  if ($j != $authornum-1) echo ", ";
                  if (($j == $authornum-1) && ($editornum != 0 || $revnum != 0)) echo ", ";

         echo "</td>";
end of php comment of Author name

We believe that it would be advisable to remove the select too, but we don´t know if it is used somewhere else... (also, we´re not sure where to remove it, so we kept it anyway)
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