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Recovering from Hard Disc Crash

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Recovering from Hard Disc Crash

Postby elmborg » Thu Aug 25, 2005 7:53 am

I'm running a test version of ojs (not a live journal). After creating a mock journal and trying out several media types and workflow functions to make sure ojs worked as needed, my hard disc failed.

I still have the old disc, and I think I can retrieve data off it. Is there a way to recreate the journal's state before the disc failed? If I copy the entire contents of the ojs directory to the new ojs directory and then copy the journal_files directory to a new journal_files directory with the same path, will that do it, or do I also need to copy the mysql tables? Will that even do it? Would I be better off just starting over?

I'm running Fedora Core 4 LInux. I'm not sure what version of ojs I was running, but it was 1.x. Sorry for the vagueness of the question. I'd taken a break from working on the project, so my memory isn't all that fresh. ojs had been working as we needed, and our intention was to push forward with implementing it in this new academic year.

Thanks for any help,
Jim Elmborg
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Never Mind

Postby elmborg » Fri Aug 26, 2005 10:58 am

Looking more at the FAQ etc., I have found the answer to my question. Sorry to post a question before looking more closely.
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