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Abstract Submission - OCS vc OJS

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Abstract Submission - OCS vc OJS

Postby Charles.Vincent » Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:52 am

We've noticed different screens between OCS and OJS, on the abstract submission screens, on multi-language conferences/journals.

In OJS, author/submit, the user is presented to n languages abstract submission fields, while in OCS the user has to change the language before entering his abstract in a different one.
This has caused some troubles in our conference so far.

Our conference is a tri language one (English/Spanish/Portuguese).
Although it's mandatory to submit an abstract in English (the official language), many users are, in fact, presenting their work either in Spanish or Portuguese and, quite naturally, they access OCS in their native languages.
OCS will refuse the abstract submission unless they also fill in both the Title and the Abstract fields in English.
As this is never quite clear for the majority of users, they receive an error message and are returned to the abstract submission screen, where they should then change the language and fill in the fields in English.

Couldn't this screen be redesigned to behave like the OJS screen, i.e., to show all conference language fields at once ?

Charles Vincent

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