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SEEK Programer for 'hooks' on Credit Card pay process

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SEEK Programer for 'hooks' on Credit Card pay process

Postby Salima » Wed Jun 09, 2010 4:28 pm

We had a student helping us to set up our globally peer reviewed Journal of
Peacebuilding and Development in OJS, and it is looking good.

We have finally been able to arrange for credit card payments on-line, and need
help (volunteer preferably, but if we need to scrape up some cash I think we can
do it) to develop the 'hooks' for the credit card process.

I hope this makes sense to somebody! As a self-published journal, we have not tech folks
on board. We have someone to put the Credit Card payment piece in place....but they
need the 'hooks' to be developed, as they are not familiar with OJS.

We are on an URGENT deadline....so hoping someone sees this and will contact me
at sitka@american.edu
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Re: SEEK Programer for 'hooks' on Credit Card pay process

Postby scholartime » Thu May 26, 2011 7:16 pm

I think the OJS has integrated PayPal Website standard, which enable customer to use Credit Card to pay. And you do not need to pay a gateway monthly fee.
If you developed an own plugin, it may cost much and you have to subscribe a Credit Card gateway service.
I also run some journals, hosted by OJS. At the beginning, I hired temporary engineer to help me upgrading and maintenance. The big disadvantage is consistency. If you hire another engineer to upgrade OJS next time, he may not know anything about last upgrading. This is horrible.
I suggest you find a long-term provider or engineer.
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