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drupal module for ojs calls

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drupal module for ojs calls

Postby ptamas » Thu Apr 23, 2009 10:56 am

I'm preparing a budget for our editorial board. I would love to have a Drupal module built on Views that let me draw on fields from our OJS installation. I know that Views can pull data from other DBs now...but putting it together is (ahem) a bit challenging for folks with no real coding skills and a minimal feel for the sort of thinking required for working directly with sql. I can imagine no circumstance under which I would like to have drupal push information to the OJS database.

The site is here
on the front page there is a teaser from the editor's introduction for the most recent volume that is pulled from the journal. There would be clickthroughs for the table of contents (in the OJS or Drupal) and for the full text of the intro (in Drupal).

In an ideal world I would be able to easily build custom views from the OJS database so that I could easily create custom pages in Drupal...and this would become a maintained module in the Drupal ecology.

this one has been out there hunting for a builder for a while...
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