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Directory for main page CSS image?

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Directory for main page CSS image?

Postby Winston » Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:20 pm

One of our editors uses a background image for their journal--from main page to the frame around article pages. I've just learned that the CSS pulls the image from the editor's personal file space. Both the editor and I would like to move it to a more appropriate location. I don't know how to do this--where that more appropriate location is and how to get the image there--and the information I found in the user guide and the forum didn't seem to address this.

I'm really feeling my newbie status, so thank you for your advice.
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Re: Directory for main page CSS image?

Postby jmacgreg » Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:59 pm

Hi Winston,

(... and welcome to the forum! We all start out as newbies.)

You are probably best served by uploading the file to the web server that hosts your OJS journal. You can put the image pretty much anywhere, so long as you take care not to ever delete or override it when you upgrade the OJS software. Typically, folks will put files that they want to be publicly accessible into their OJS' "public" directory, which is where all journal header images, css files, and other public documents uploaded via the OJS interface are stored, and which is typically never deleted or modified when OJS is upgraded.

Your public directory is almost certainly in your OJS system files directory, and it is almost certainly called "public". To find it, you can use an FTP program to connect to your web space; find the document root (directory) where your server stores all public HTML files (eg. /var/www/html/); find the directory that holds all the OJS system files (eg. /var/www/html/ojs/, in which you'll find your config.inc.php file and directories such as classes; pages; docs; etc.); and find the public directory therein (eg. /var/www/html/ojs/public/). You can upload the file there, or into the subdirectory that corresponds to your journal if you want to be extra-diligent (eg. /var/www/html/ojs/public/journals/1/, if your journal was the first journal installed on the system).

You should now be able to link directly to that image file by using a link such as

Code: Select all

if you uploaded the image to /var/www/html/ojs/public/journals/1/.

A less complicated (and less diligent) solution would be to just upload the image to your server's document root, eg. right to /var/www/html/uploadedImage.jpg. Then you can just link to it like so:

Code: Select all

... but just be careful that you don't ever accidentally overwrite or delete that file!

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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Re: Directory for main page CSS image?

Postby Winston » Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:09 am

Thanks much,
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