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Research Cooperative - support for PKP journals

Postby pjm » Sat Aug 23, 2008 7:03 am

Over the last few years I have developed a not-for-profit website called The Research Cooperative (http://cooperative.ning.com) which could be useful for many publishers, online and in print.

The site allows research writers, editors, reviewers, translators and publishers to make offers and requests. In a sense, it is a ready-made tool-kit for publishers wishing to build up a human support network for assessing submissions, finding reviewers to make assessments, and finding copyeditors, editors, illustrators, and all the other kinds of people who are needed - in addition to authors - to really develop an effective and sustainable journal.

My question here, is whether there is any way to effectively promote this site among users of PKP publishing systems, without me having to make direct person-to-person contact with every publisher.

At the moment, operating and promoting The Research Cooperative website depends on the free time and pocket money of just one, full-time researcher (me). I do not have the resources to go to every publisher directly.

On the site itself, I have presented a note explaining in more detail the possible benefits for publishers (see http://cooperative.ning.com/notes/Benefits_for_publishers.

Any suggestions would be welcome!
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