OMP Languages

OMP is a multilingual system, allowing presses to publish in a variety of languages. All of the translations listed below have been created by the OMP community and contributed back to the project.

OMP not only allows presses to publish in different languages, but it also provides for multilingual support, making it possible to have a press published in two or even three languages.

Languages listed on this page fall into the following categories:

  • Complete, in which case they are either bundled with that particular version of OMP, or are otherwise available for download from this web page.
  • Partially Complete, in which some but not all locale keys have been translated. Quite often these locales will be usable but not fully complete.
  • Not Included for that particular version.

If you don’t see the language(s) you are looking for listed here, please consider undertaking the translation yourself. If you are interested in contributing in such a way, contact us and we can give you further information, or otherwise consult our documentation on translating, available on the development wiki.

Version 1.0
English (en_US) Complete
French (fr_CA) Complete
Greek (el_GR) Complete
Portuguese (pt_BR) Complete
Spanish (es_ES) Complete