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XmlToSqlTool Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for XmlToSqlTool:
CommandLineTool dbXMLtoSQL

Public Member Functions

 execute ()
 usage ()
 XmlToSqlTool ($argv=array())

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from CommandLineTool

Detailed Description

CLI tool to output the SQL statements corresponding to an XML database schema.

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Member Function Documentation

XmlToSqlTool::execute ( )

Parse an XML database file and output the corresponding SQL statements. See lib/pkp/dtd/xmlSchema.dtd for the format of the XML files.

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XmlToSqlTool::usage ( )

Print command usage information.

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XmlToSqlTool::XmlToSqlTool (   $argv = array())


$argvarray command-line arguments If specified, the first argument should be the file to parse

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Member Data Documentation

string XmlToSqlTool::$command

command to execute (print|execute|upgrade)

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string XmlToSqlTool::$inputFile

XML file to parse

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string XmlToSqlTool::$outputFile

file to save SQL statements in

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string XmlToSqlTool::$type

type of file to parse (schema or data)

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