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ValidatorRegExp Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ValidatorRegExp:
Validator ValidatorDate ValidatorEmail ValidatorISSN ValidatorUri ValidatorUrl

Public Member Functions

 getMatches ()
 isValid ($value)
 ValidatorRegExp ($regExp)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Validator
 isValid ($value)
 Validator ()

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Validation check using a regular expression.

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Member Function Documentation

ValidatorRegExp::getMatches ( )

Returns the reg-ex matches (if any) after isValid() was called.

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Referenced by ValidatorISSN\isValid(), ValidatorUri\isValid(), and ValidatorDate\isValid().

ValidatorRegExp::isValid (   $value)
See Also

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References $_matches.

ValidatorRegExp::ValidatorRegExp (   $regExp)


$regExpstring the regular expression (PCRE form)

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References String\regexp_match_get().

Member Data Documentation

The ValidatorRegExp::$_matches

matches for further (optional) processing by subclasses

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Referenced by isValid().

The ValidatorRegExp::$_regExp

regular expression to match against the field value

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