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TranslatorAction Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 export ($locale)
 testEmails ($locale, $referenceLocale)
 testLocale ($locale, $referenceLocale)

Detailed Description

Perform various tasks related to translation.

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Member Function Documentation

TranslatorAction::export (   $locale)

Export the locale files to the browser as a tarball. Requires tar for operation (configured in

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References DAORegistry\getDAO(), and Config\getVar().

Referenced by TranslatorHandler\export().

TranslatorAction::testEmails (   $locale,

Test the emails in the supplied locale against those in the supplied reference locale.

array List of errors

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References PKPLocale\getParameterNames().

TranslatorAction::testLocale (   $locale,

Test all locale files for the supplied locale against the supplied reference locale, returning an array of errors.

$localestring Name of locale to test
$referenceLocalestring Name of locale to test against

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References PKPLocale\getFilenameComponentMap(), and PluginRegistry\loadAllPlugins().

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