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ThankReviewerForm Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ThankReviewerForm:

Public Member Functions

 execute ($args, $request)
 getReviewAssignment ()
 initData ($args, $request)
 readInputData ()
 ThankReviewerForm ($reviewAssignment)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Form
 _decomposeArray ($name, $value, $stack)
 addCheck ($formValidator)
 addError ($field, $message)
 addErrorField ($field)
 display ($request=null, $template=null)
 execute ($object=null)
 fetch ($request, $template=null, $display=false)
 Form ($template=null, $callHooks=true, $requiredLocale=null, $supportedLocales=null)
 getData ($key)
 getDefaultFormLocale ()
 getErrorsArray ()
 getFormLocale ()
 getLocaleFieldNames ()
 getRequiredLocale ()
 getTemplate ()
 initData ()
 isLocaleResubmit ()
 isValid ()
 readInputData ()
 readUserDateVars ($vars)
 readUserVars ($vars)
 setData ($key, $value)
 setTemplate ($template)
 smartyFormLanguageChooser ($params, &$smarty)
 validate ($callHooks=true)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from Form

Detailed Description

Form for sending a thank you to a reviewer.

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Member Function Documentation

ThankReviewerForm::execute (   $args,

Save review assignment


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References HookRegistry\call(), Core\getCurrentDate(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), Form\getData(), getReviewAssignment(), and Application\getSubmissionDAO().

ThankReviewerForm::getReviewAssignment ( )

Get the review assignment


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References $_reviewAssignment.

Referenced by execute(), and initData().

ThankReviewerForm::initData (   $args,

Initialize form data from the associated author.


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References PKPValidation\generatePasswordResetHash(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), getReviewAssignment(), Application\getSubmissionDAO(), and Form\setData().

ThankReviewerForm::readInputData ( )

Assign form data to user-submitted data.

See Also

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References Form\readUserVars().

ThankReviewerForm::ThankReviewerForm (   $reviewAssignment)


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References Form\addCheck().

Member Data Documentation


The review assignment associated with the reviewer

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Referenced by getReviewAssignment().

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