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TemplateManager Class Reference

Inherits PKPTemplateManager.

Inherited by FBVTemplateManager.

Public Member Functions

 initialize ()
 TemplateManager ($request=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPTemplateManager
 _closeTags ($string, $open=false)
 _reinsertTags ($string, &$tags, $reverse=false)
 _removeTags ($string, &$tags, $length, $reverse=false)
 _removeTagsAux ($string, $loc, &$tags, $length)
 _removeTagsAuxReverse ($string, $loc, &$tags, $length)
 _smarty_include ($params)
 addJavaScript ($url)
 addStyleSheet ($url, $priority=STYLE_SEQUENCE_NORMAL)
 clearTemplateCache ()
 display ($template, $sendContentType=null, $hookName=null, $display=true)
 fetch ($resource_name, $cache_id=null, $compile_id=null, $display=false)
 fetchJson ($template, $status=true)
 getFBV ()
 initialize ()
 PKPTemplateManager ($request=null)
 setCacheability ($cacheability=CACHEABILITY_PUBLIC)
 smartyAssign ($value, $varName, $passThru=false)
 smartyAssignMailto ($params, $smarty)
 smartyCallHook ($params, $smarty)
 smartyCompare ($a, $b, $strict=false, $invert=false)
 smartyConcat ()
 smartyDisplayTemplate ($params, $smarty)
 smartyEscape ($string, $esc_type= 'html', $char_set=null)
 smartyExplode ($string, $separator)
 smartyFlush ($params, $smarty)
 smartyGetValue ($name)
 smartyHtmlOptionsTranslate ($params, $smarty)
 smartyIcon ($params, $smarty)
 smartyIterate ($params, $content, $smarty, &$repeat)
 smartyLoadUrlInDiv ($params, $smarty)
 smartyNullLinkAction ($params, $smarty)
 smartyPageInfo ($params, $smarty)
 smartyPageLinks ($params, $smarty)
 smartyResourceCoreGetSecure ($template, $smarty)
 smartyResourceCoreGetTemplate ($template, &$templateSource, $smarty)
 smartyResourceCoreGetTimestamp ($template, &$templateTimestamp, $smarty)
 smartyResourceCoreGetTrusted ($template, $smarty)
 smartySortHeading ($params, $smarty)
 smartySortSearch ($params, $smarty)
 smartyStrtotime ($string)
 smartyToArray ()
 smartyTranslate ($params, $smarty)
 smartyTruncate ($string, $length=80, $etc= '...', $break_words=false, $middle=false, $skip_tags=true)
 smartyUrl ($parameters, $smarty)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from PKPTemplateManager
static & getManager ($request=null)
- Public Attributes inherited from PKPTemplateManager
 $javaScripts = array()
 $styleSheets = array()

Detailed Description

Class for accessing the underlying template engine. Currently integrated with Smarty (from

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Member Function Documentation

TemplateManager::initialize ( )

Initialize the template manager.

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TemplateManager::TemplateManager (   $request = null)

Constructor. Initialize template engine and assign basic template variables.

$requestPKPRequest FIXME: is optional for backwards compatibility only - make mandatory

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References DAORegistry\getDAO(), and Config\getVar().

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