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SubmissionFileLog Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SubmissionFileLog:

Static Public Member Functions

static logEvent ($request, &$submissionFile, $eventType, $messageKey, $params=array())
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SubmissionLog
static logEvent ($request, $submission, $eventType, $messageKey, $params=array())

Detailed Description

Static class for adding / accessing submission file log entries.

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Member Function Documentation

static SubmissionFileLog::logEvent (   $request,
  $params = array() 

Add a new file event log entry with the specified parameters

$paramsarray optional
object SubmissionLogEntry iff the event was logged

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References Core\getCurrentDate(), and DAORegistry\getDAO().

Referenced by SubmissionFilesUploadForm\_logEvent(), and ManageFileApiHandler\logDeletionEvent().

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