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StageParticipantGridRow Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StageParticipantGridRow:
GridRow GridBodyElement

Public Member Functions

 getRequestArgs ()
 getStageId ()
getSubmission ()
 initialize ($request)
 StageParticipantGridRow (&$submission, $stageId, $canAdminister=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GridRow
 addAction ($action, $position=GRID_ACTION_POSITION_DEFAULT)
 getActions ($position=GRID_ACTION_POSITION_DEFAULT)
getData ()
 getGridId ()
 getIsModified ()
 getNoActionMessage ()
 getRequestArgs ()
 getTemplate ()
 GridRow ()
 hasActions ()
 initialize ($request, $template=null)
 setData (&$data)
 setGridId ($gridId)
 setIsModified ($isModified)
 setNoActionMessage ($message)
 setRequestArgs ($requestArgs)
 setTemplate ($template)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GridBodyElement
 addFlag ($flag, $value=true)
getCellProvider ()
 getFlag ($flag)
 getFlags ()
 getId ()
 GridBodyElement ($id= '', $cellProvider=null, $flags=array())
 hasFlag ($flag)
 setCellProvider (&$cellProvider)
 setId ($id)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from GridRow
 $_actions = array(GRID_ACTION_POSITION_DEFAULT => array())
- Public Attributes inherited from GridBodyElement

Detailed Description

StageParticipant grid row definition.

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Member Function Documentation

StageParticipantGridRow::getRequestArgs ( )

Get the grid request parameters. These are the parameters that uniquely identify the data within a grid.

NB: You should make sure to authorize and/or validate parameters before you publish them through this interface. Callers will assume that data accessed through this method will not have to be sanitized.

The default implementation tries to retrieve request parameters from a data provider if there is one.


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StageParticipantGridRow::getStageId ( )

Get the stage id for this row


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& StageParticipantGridRow::getSubmission ( )

Get the submission for this row (already authorized)


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StageParticipantGridRow::initialize (   $request)

Initialize a row instance.

Subclasses can override this method.


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StageParticipantGridRow::StageParticipantGridRow ( $submission,
  $canAdminister = false 


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References GridBodyElement\getId().

Member Data Documentation

boolean StageParticipantGridRow::$_canAdminister

Whether the user can admin this row

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