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SignoffStatusFromFileGridColumn Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SignoffStatusFromFileGridColumn:
BaseSignoffStatusColumn GridColumn GridBodyElement

Public Member Functions

 _getSignoffStatus ($row)
 getCellActions ($request, $row)
 getSubmissionFile ($row)
 SignoffStatusFromFileGridColumn ($id, $title, $titleTranslated, $symbolic, $userIds, $requestArgs, $allowSignoffs=false, $flags=array())
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseSignoffStatusColumn
 _getSignoffStatus ($row)
 BaseSignoffStatusColumn ($id= '', $title=null, $titleTranslated=null, $userIds, $requestArgs=array(), $flags=array())
 getCellActions ($request, $row)
 getRequestArgs ()
 getTemplateVarsFromRow ($row)
 getUserIds ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GridColumn
 getCellActions ($request, $row, $position=GRID_ACTION_POSITION_DEFAULT)
getCellProvider ()
 getLocalizedTitle ()
 getTemplate ()
 getTitle ()
 GridColumn ($id= '', $title=null, $titleTranslated=null, $template= 'controllers/grid/gridCell.tpl', $cellProvider=null, $flags=array())
 setTemplate ($template)
 setTitle ($title)
 setTitleTranslated ($titleTranslated)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GridBodyElement
 addFlag ($flag, $value=true)
getCellProvider ()
 getFlag ($flag)
 getFlags ()
 getId ()
 GridBodyElement ($id= '', $cellProvider=null, $flags=array())
 hasFlag ($flag)
 setCellProvider (&$cellProvider)
 setId ($id)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from GridColumn
- Public Attributes inherited from GridBodyElement

Detailed Description

Implements a grid column that displays the signoff status of a file.

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Member Function Documentation

SignoffStatusFromFileGridColumn::_getSignoffStatus (   $row)

Identify the signoff status of a row.


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SignoffStatusFromFileGridColumn::getCellActions (   $request,

Get cell actions for this column.

NB: Subclasses have to override this method to actually provide cell-specific actions. The default implementation returns an empty array.

$rowGridRow The row for which actions are being requested.
array An array of LinkActions for the cell.

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SignoffStatusFromFileGridColumn::getSubmissionFile (   $row)

Get the submission file from the row.


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SignoffStatusFromFileGridColumn::SignoffStatusFromFileGridColumn (   $id,
  $allowSignoffs = false,
  $flags = array() 


$idstring Column ID
$titlestring Column title locale key
$titleTranslatedstring Column title, translated
$symbolicstring Column symbolic name
$userIdsarray List of user IDs
$requestArgsarray List of request parameters to include in URLs
$allowSignoffsboolean Whether or not to allow the user to sign off this column
$flagsarray Optional list of column flags

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