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SQLParser Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 executeFile ($file, $failOnError=true)
 getErrorMsg ()
parseStatements (&$sql)
 SQLParser ($driver, &$dataSource, $debug=false)
 stripComments (&$sql)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Class for parsing and executing statements in SQL files.

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Member Function Documentation

SQLParser::executeFile (   $file,
  $failOnError = true 

Parse an SQL file and execute all SQL statements in it.

$filestring full path to the file
$failOnErrorboolean stop execution if an error is encountered
boolean true if no errors occurred, false otherwise

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SQLParser::getErrorMsg ( )

Return the last error message that occurred in parsing.


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& SQLParser::parseStatements ( $sql)

Parse SQL content into individual SQL statements.


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SQLParser::SQLParser (   $driver,
  $debug = false 


$driverstring the database driver (currently only "mysql" is supported)
$debugboolean echo each statement as it's executed

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SQLParser::stripComments ( $sql)

Strip SQL comments from SQL string.


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Member Data Documentation

string SQLParser::$commentDelim

Delimiter for SQL comments used by the data source

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object SQLParser::$dataSource

The database connection object

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boolean SQLParser::$debug

Enable debugging (print SQL statements as they are executed)

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string SQLParser::$driver

The database driver

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string SQLParser::$errorMsg

Error message

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string SQLParser::$statementDelim

Delimiter for SQL statements used by the data source

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