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RTContext Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 addSearch ($search)

Public Attributes

 $authorTerms = false
 $citedBy = false
 $defineTerms = false
 $geoTerms = false
 $order = 0
 $searches = array()

Detailed Description

RT Context entity.

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Member Function Documentation

RTContext::addSearch (   $search)

Add an RT Search to this context.


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References $citedBy.

Member Data Documentation

string RTContext::$abbrev

context abbreviation

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boolean RTContext::$authorTerms = false

default search terms to author names

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boolean RTContext::$citedBy = false

default use as "cited by" context

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Referenced by addSearch().

mixed RTContext::$contextId

unique identifier

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boolean RTContext::$defineTerms = false

default use as define terms context

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string RTContext::$description

context description

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boolean RTContext::$geoTerms = false

default search terms to geo indexing data

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int RTContext::$order = 0

ordering of this context within version

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array RTContext::$searches = array()

RTSearch context searches

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string RTContext::$title

context title

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mixed RTContext::$versionId

unique version identifier

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