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PluginRegistry Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static & _instantiatePlugin ($category, $categoryDir, $file, $classToCheck=null)
static & getAllPlugins ()
static getCategories ()
static & getPlugin ($category, $name)
static & getPlugins ($category=null)
static & loadAllPlugins ($enabledOnly=false)
static & loadCategory ($category, $enabledOnly=false, $mainContextId=null)
static & loadPlugin ($category, $pathName)
static register ($category, &$plugin, $path)

Detailed Description

Registry class for managing plugins.

See Also

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Member Function Documentation

static& PluginRegistry::_instantiatePlugin (   $category,
  $classToCheck = null 

Instantiate a plugin.

This method can be called statically.

$classToCheckstring set null to maintain pre-2.3.x backwards compatibility

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Referenced by loadCategory().

static& PluginRegistry::getAllPlugins ( )

Get all plugins in a single array.

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References getPlugins().

Referenced by loadAllPlugins().

static PluginRegistry::getCategories ( )

Get a list of the various plugin categories available.

NB: The categories are returned in the order in which they have to be registered and/or installed. Plug-ins in categories later in the list may depend on plug-ins in earlier categories.


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References HookRegistry\call().

Referenced by PluginGridHandler\deletePlugin(), PKPLocale\installLocale(), loadAllPlugins(), and PluginGridHandler\loadData().

static& PluginRegistry::getPlugin (   $category,
static& PluginRegistry::getPlugins (   $category = null)

Return all plugins in the given category as an array, or, if the category is not specified, all plugins in an associative array of arrays by category.

$categoryString the name of the category to retrieve

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References Registry\get().

Referenced by MetadataPluginTestCase\executeMetadataPluginTest(), getAllPlugins(), getPlugin(), ImportExportHandler\importexport(), loadCategory(), and register().

static& PluginRegistry::loadAllPlugins (   $enabledOnly = false)

Load all plugins in the system and return them in a single array.

$enabledOnlyboolean load only enabled plug-ins

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References getAllPlugins(), getCategories(), and loadCategory().

Referenced by PressSiteSettingsForm\execute(), and TranslatorAction\testLocale().

static& PluginRegistry::loadCategory (   $category,
  $enabledOnly = false,
  $mainContextId = null 

Load all plugins for a given category.

$categorystring The name of the category to load
$enabledOnlyboolean if true load only enabled plug-ins (db-installation required), otherwise look on disk and load all available plug-ins (no db required).
$mainContextIdinteger To identify enabled plug-ins we need a context. This context is usually taken from the request but sometimes there is no context in the request (e.g. when executing CLI commands). Then the main context can be given as an explicit ID.

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References _instantiatePlugin(), HookRegistry\call(), getPlugins(), Config\getVar(), and register().

Referenced by SubmissionNativeXmlFilter\addIdentifiers(), AuthSourceDAO\AuthSourceDAO(), CatalogBookHandler\book(), PKPUsageEventPlugin\buildUsageEvent(), MonographONIX30XmlFilter\createProductNode(), CatalogBookHandler\download(), importExport\execute(), PubIdPluginHelper\execute(), SiteSetupForm\execute(), SiteSetupForm\fetch(), CatalogEntryFormatMetadataForm\fetch(), IdentificationCodeForm\fetch(), PKPStatisticsHelper\getAllMetricTypeStrings(), PluginGridHandler\getCategoryData(), Context\getMetricTypes(), DistributionSettingsTabHandler\getPaymentFormContents(), DistributionSettingsTabHandler\getPaymentMethods(), OMPPaymentManager\getPaymentPlugin(), Submission\getPubId(), PKPStatisticsHelper\getReportPluginByMetricType(), ImportExportHandler\importexport(), OAIHandler\index(), PubIdPluginHelper\init(), PKPLocale\installLocale(), FunctionalImportExportBaseTestCase\instantiatePlugin(), loadAllPlugins(), PKPValidation\login(), PaymentHandler\plugin(), PubIdPluginHelper\readInputData(), PKPToolsHandler\report(), BlockPluginsListbuilderHandler\setListsData(), PKPToolsHandler\statisticcs(), PressGridHandler\updateContext(), and PubIdPluginHelper\validate().

static& PluginRegistry::loadPlugin (   $category,

Load a specific plugin from a category by path name. Similar to loadCategory, except that it only loads a single plugin within a category rather than loading all.


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References register().

static PluginRegistry::register (   $category,

Register a plugin with the registry in the given category.

$categoryString the name of the category to extend
$pluginThe instantiated plugin to add
$pathThe path the plugin was found in
boolean True IFF the plugin was registered successfully

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References getPlugins(), and Registry\set().

Referenced by loadCategory(), and loadPlugin().

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