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PkpContextAccessPolicy Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PkpContextAccessPolicy:
ContextPolicy PolicySet

Public Member Functions

 PkpContextAccessPolicy ($request, $roleAssignments)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ContextPolicy
 ContextPolicy ($request)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PolicySet
 addPolicy ($policyOrPolicySet, $addToTop=false)
 getCombiningAlgorithm ()
 getEffectIfNoPolicyApplies ()
getPolicies ()
 PolicySet ($combiningAlgorithm=COMBINING_DENY_OVERRIDES)
 setEffectIfNoPolicyApplies ($effectIfNoPolicyApplies)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from PolicySet
 $_effectIfNoPolicyApplies = AUTHORIZATION_DENY

Detailed Description

Class to control access to PKP applications' setup components.

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Member Function Documentation

PkpContextAccessPolicy::PkpContextAccessPolicy (   $request,



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References PolicySet\addPolicy(), and PolicySet\PolicySet().

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