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PKPSubmissionNlm30XmlFilter Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PKPSubmissionNlm30XmlFilter:
TemplateBasedReferencesListFilter TemplateBasedFilter PersistableFilter Filter DataObject

Public Member Functions

 getBasePath ()
 getCitationOutputFilterTypeDescriptions ()
 getClassName ()
 getTemplateName ()
 PKPSubmissionNlm30XmlFilter ($filterGroup)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TemplateBasedReferencesListFilter
 addTemplateVars ($templateMgr, $submission, $request, &$locale)
 getCitationOutputFilterInstance ()
 getCitationOutputFilterTypeDescriptions ()
getMetadataSchema ()
 TemplateBasedReferencesListFilter ($filterGroup)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TemplateBasedFilter
 addTemplateVars ($templateMgr, &$input, $request, &$locale)
 getBasePath ()
 getTemplateName ()
process (&$input)
 TemplateBasedFilter ($filterGroup)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PersistableFilter
 addSetting (&$setting)
 getClassName ()
getFilterGroup ()
 getInternalSettings ()
 getIsTemplate ()
 getLocalizedSettingNames ()
 getParentFilterId ()
getSetting ($settingName)
 getSettingNames ()
getSettings ()
 hasSetting ($settingName)
 hasSettings ()
 PersistableFilter ($filterGroup)
 setIsTemplate ($isTemplate)
 setParentFilterId ($parentFilterId)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Filter
 addError ($message)
 clearErrors ()
execute (&$input)
 Filter ($inputType, $outputType)
 getDisplayName ()
 getErrors ()
getInputType ()
getLastInput ()
getLastOutput ()
getOutputType ()
getRuntimeEnvironment ()
 getSeq ()
 hasErrors ()
 isCompatibleWithRuntimeEnvironment ()
process (&$input)
 setDisplayName ($displayName)
 setRuntimeEnvironment (&$runtimeEnvironment)
 setSeq ($seq)
 setTransformationType (&$inputType, &$outputType)
 supports (&$input, &$output)
 supportsAsInput (&$input)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DataObject
 addSupportedMetadataAdapter ($metadataAdapter)
 DataObject ()
 extractMetadata ($metadataSchema)
 getAdditionalMetadataFieldNames ()
getAllData ()
getData ($key, $locale=null)
 getHasLoadableAdapters ()
 getId ()
 getLocaleMetadataFieldNames ()
getLocalizedData ($key)
 getMetadataFieldNames ($translated=true)
 getSetMetadataFieldNames ($translated=true)
 getSupportedExtractionAdapters ()
 getSupportedInjectionAdapters ()
 getSupportedMetadataSchemas ()
 hasData ($key, $locale=null)
 injectMetadata ($metadataDescription)
 removeSupportedMetadataAdapter ($metadataSchemaName)
 setAllData (&$data)
 setData ($key, $value, $locale=null)
 setHasLoadableAdapters ($hasLoadableAdapters)
 setId ($id)
 upcastTo ($targetObject)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from PersistableFilter
static tempGroup ($inputType, $outputType)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Filter
static supportedRuntimeEnvironmentSettings ()
- Public Attributes inherited from PersistableFilter
 $_settings = array()
- Public Attributes inherited from Filter
 $_errors = array()
 $_runtimeEnvironment = false
- Public Attributes inherited from DataObject
 $_data = array()
 $_extractionAdaptersLoaded = false
 $_hasLoadableAdapters = false
 $_injectionAdaptersLoaded = false
 $_metadataExtractionAdapters = array()
 $_metadataInjectionAdapters = array()

Detailed Description

Class that converts a submission to an NLM Journal Publishing Tag Set 3.0 XML document.

FIXME: This class currently only generates partial (citation) NLM XML output. Full NLM journal publishing tag set support still has to be added, see #5648 and the L8X development roadmap.

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Member Function Documentation

PKPSubmissionNlm30XmlFilter::getBasePath ( )

Return the base path of the filter so that we can find the filter templates.


Definition at line 79 of file

PKPSubmissionNlm30XmlFilter::getCitationOutputFilterTypeDescriptions ( )

Return an input and output type description that describes the transformation implemented by the citation output filter.


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PKPSubmissionNlm30XmlFilter::getClassName ( )

Return the fully qualified class name of the filter class. This information must be persisted when saving a filter so that the filter can later be reconstructed from the information in the database.

(This must be hard coded by sub-classes for PHP4 compatibility. PHP4 always returns class names lowercase which we cannot tolerate as we need this path to find the class on case sensitive file systems.)

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PKPSubmissionNlm30XmlFilter::getTemplateName ( )

Return the template name to be used by this filter.


Definition at line 72 of file

PKPSubmissionNlm30XmlFilter::PKPSubmissionNlm30XmlFilter (   $filterGroup)



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References DataObject\setData(), and Filter\setDisplayName().

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