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PKPLoginHandler Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PKPLoginHandler:
Handler PKPHandler LoginHandler

Public Member Functions

 _redirectAfterLogin ($request)
 _setMailFrom ($request, $mail, $site)
 changePassword ($args, $request)
 implicitAuthLogin ($args, $request)
 implicitAuthReturn ($args, $request)
 index ($args, $request)
 lostPassword ($args, $request)
 PKPLoginHandler ()
 requestResetPassword ($args, $request)
 resetPassword ($args, $request)
 savePassword ($args, $request)
 signIn ($args, $request)
 signOut ($args, $request)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Handler
 getSiteRedirectContext ($request)
 getTargetContext ($request, $bestGuess=true)
 getWorkingContexts ($request)
 Handler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPHandler
 addCheck (&$handlerValidator)
 addPolicy ($authorizationPolicy, $addToTop=false)
 addRoleAssignment ($roleIds, $operations)
 authorize ($request, &$args, $roleAssignments, $enforceRestrictedSite=true)
getAuthorizedContext ()
getAuthorizedContextObject ($assocType)
getDispatcher ()
 getFirstUserContext ($user, $contexts)
 getId ()
 getLastAuthorizationMessage ()
 getLoginExemptions ()
 getRoleAssignment ($roleId)
 getRoleAssignments ()
 getWorkingContexts ($request)
 index ($args, $request)
 initialize ($request, $args=null)
 PKPHandler ()
 setDispatcher ($dispatcher)
 setId ($id)
 setupTemplate ($request)
 validate ($requiredContexts=null, $request=null)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from PKPHandler
static getPageParamName ($rangeName)
static getRangeInfo ($request, $rangeName, $contextData=null)
static hashPageContext ($request, $contextData=array())
- Public Attributes inherited from PKPHandler
 $_checks = array()
 $_roleAssignments = array()

Detailed Description

Handle login/logout requests.

Definition at line 19 of file

Member Function Documentation

PKPLoginHandler::_redirectAfterLogin (   $request)

After a login has completed, direct the user somewhere. (May be extended by subclasses.)


Definition at line 103 of file

Referenced by signIn().

PKPLoginHandler::_setMailFrom (   $request,

Helper function - set mail From can be overriden by child classes


Definition at line 326 of file

Referenced by requestResetPassword(), and resetPassword().

PKPLoginHandler::changePassword (   $args,

Display form to change user's password.

$argsarray first argument may contain user's username

Definition at line 284 of file

References Form\initData(), and PKPHandler\setupTemplate().

PKPLoginHandler::implicitAuthLogin (   $args,

Handle login when implicitAuth is enabled. If the user came in on a non-ssl url - then redirect back to the ssl url

Definition at line 72 of file

References Config\getVar().

PKPLoginHandler::implicitAuthReturn (   $args,

This is the function that Shibboleth redirects to - after the user has authenticated.

Definition at line 87 of file

References PKPValidation\login().

PKPLoginHandler::index (   $args,

Display user login form. Redirect to user index page if user is already validated.

Definition at line 31 of file

References SessionManager\getManager(), Config\getVar(), String\regexp_replace(), and PKPHandler\setupTemplate().

PKPLoginHandler::lostPassword (   $args,

Display form to reset a user's password.

Definition at line 175 of file

References PKPHandler\setupTemplate().

PKPLoginHandler::PKPLoginHandler ( )


Definition at line 23 of file

PKPLoginHandler::requestResetPassword (   $args,

Send a request to reset a user's password

Definition at line 184 of file

References _setMailFrom(), PKPValidation\generatePasswordResetHash(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), and PKPHandler\setupTemplate().

PKPLoginHandler::resetPassword (   $args,

Reset a user's password

$argsarray first param contains the username of the user whose password is to be reset

Definition at line 221 of file

References _setMailFrom(), PKPValidation\encryptCredentials(), PKPValidation\generatePassword(), PKPValidation\generatePasswordResetHash(), DAORegistry\getDAO(), and PKPHandler\setupTemplate().

PKPLoginHandler::savePassword (   $args,

Save user's new password.

Definition at line 300 of file

References PKPValidation\login(), LoginChangePasswordForm\readInputData(), and PKPHandler\setupTemplate().

PKPLoginHandler::signIn (   $args,

Validate a user's credentials and log the user in.

Definition at line 110 of file

References _redirectAfterLogin(), SessionManager\getManager(), Config\getVar(), PKPValidation\login(), PKPValidation\logout(), and PKPHandler\setupTemplate().

PKPLoginHandler::signOut (   $args,

Log a user out.

Definition at line 158 of file

References PKPValidation\logout(), and PKPHandler\setupTemplate().

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