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OrderGridItemsFeature Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for OrderGridItemsFeature:
OrderItemsFeature GridFeature

Public Member Functions

 getJSClass ()
 OrderGridItemsFeature ($overrideRowTemplate=true)
 saveSequence ($args)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OrderItemsFeature
 addRowOrderAction ($row)
 fetchUIElements ($request, $grid)
 getInitializedRowInstance ($args)
 getOverrideRowTemplate (&$gridRow)
 gridInitialize ($args)
 isOrderActionNecessary ()
 OrderItemsFeature ($overrideRowTemplate)
 setOptions ($request, $grid)
 setOverrideRowTemplate ($overrideRowTemplate)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GridFeature
 addOptions ($options)
 fetchGrid ($args)
 fetchRow ($args)
 fetchUIElements ($request, $grid)
 getGridDataElements ($args)
 getGridRangeInfo ($args)
 getId ()
 getInitializedCategoryRowInstance ($args)
 getInitializedRowInstance ($args)
 getJSClass ()
 getOptions ()
 getRequestArgs ($args)
 GridFeature ($id)
 gridInitialize ($args)
 loadData ($args)
 saveSequence ($args)
 setGridDataElements ($args)
 setId ($id)
 setOptions ($request, $grid)

Detailed Description

Implements grid ordering functionality.

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Member Function Documentation

OrderGridItemsFeature::getJSClass ( )
See Also

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OrderGridItemsFeature::OrderGridItemsFeature (   $overrideRowTemplate = true)


$overrideRowTemplateboolean This feature uses row actions and it will force the usage of the gridRow.tpl. If you want to use a different grid row template file, set this flag to false and make sure to use a template file that adds row actions.

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OrderGridItemsFeature::saveSequence (   $args)
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