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ONIXParserDOMHandler Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ONIXParserDOMHandler:
XMLParserDOMHandler XMLParserHandler

Public Member Functions

 characterData ($parser, $data)
 endElement ($parser, $tag)
 getResult ()
 ONIXParserDOMHandler ($listName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from XMLParserDOMHandler
 characterData ($parser, $data)
 endElement ($parser, $tag)
 getResult ()
 startElement ($parser, $tag, $attributes)
 XMLParserHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from XMLParserHandler
 characterData ($parser, $data)
 endElement ($parser, $tag)
 getResult ()
 startElement ($parser, $tag, $attributes)

Public Attributes

 $_currentValue = null
 $_foundRequestedList = false
 $_insideDocumentation = false
 $_listItems = null
 $_listName = null
- Public Attributes inherited from XMLParserDOMHandler

Detailed Description

This parser extracts a specific xs:simpleType based on a name attribute representing a code list within it. It returns the xs:enumeration values within it along with the xs:documentation elements which serve as textual descriptions of the Codelist values.

See Also

Example: <xs:simpleType name="List30">...</xs:simpleType>

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Member Function Documentation

ONIXParserDOMHandler::characterData (   $parser,

Callback function to act as the character data handler.

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References $_currentValue.

ONIXParserDOMHandler::endElement (   $parser,

Callback function to act as the end element handler.

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ONIXParserDOMHandler::getResult ( )

Returns the array of found list items


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ONIXParserDOMHandler::ONIXParserDOMHandler (   $listName)


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Member Data Documentation

ONIXParserDOMHandler::$_currentValue = null

to store the current character data

Definition at line 37 of file

Referenced by characterData().

ONIXParserDOMHandler::$_foundRequestedList = false

to maintain state

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ONIXParserDOMHandler::$_insideDocumentation = false

currently inside an xs:documentation element

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ONIXParserDOMHandler::$_listItems = null

of items the parser eventually returns

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ONIXParserDOMHandler::$_listName = null

the list being searched for

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