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NativeXmlMonographFilter Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for NativeXmlMonographFilter:
NativeXmlSubmissionFilter NativeImportFilter NativeImportExportFilter PersistableFilter Filter DataObject

Public Member Functions

 getClassName ()
 getImportFilter ($elementName)
 getPublishedSubmissionDAO ()
 handleChildElement ($n, $submission)
 NativeXmlMonographFilter ($filterGroup)
 parsePublicationFormat ($n, $submission)
 populateObject ($submission, $node)
- Public Member Functions inherited from NativeXmlSubmissionFilter
 _getLocalizedSubmissionSetterMappings ()
 getClassName ()
 getImportFilter ($elementName)
 getPluralElementName ()
 getPublishedSubmissionDAO ()
 getRepresentationExportFilterGroupName ()
 getSingularElementName ()
 handleChildElement ($n, $submission)
 handleElement ($node)
 NativeXmlSubmissionFilter ($filterGroup)
 parseAuthor ($n, $submission)
 parseAuthors ($node, $submission)
 parseIdentifier ($element, $submission)
 parseSubmissionFile ($n, $submission)
 populateObject ($submission, $node)
- Public Member Functions inherited from NativeImportFilter
 getPluralElementName ()
 getSingularElementName ()
 handleElement ($node)
 NativeImportFilter ($filterGroup)
 parseLocalizedContent ($element)
process (&$document)
- Public Member Functions inherited from NativeImportExportFilter
 getDeployment ()
 NativeImportExportFilter ($filterGroup)
 setDeployment ($deployment)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PersistableFilter
 addSetting (&$setting)
 getClassName ()
getFilterGroup ()
 getInternalSettings ()
 getIsTemplate ()
 getLocalizedSettingNames ()
 getParentFilterId ()
getSetting ($settingName)
 getSettingNames ()
getSettings ()
 hasSetting ($settingName)
 hasSettings ()
 PersistableFilter ($filterGroup)
 setIsTemplate ($isTemplate)
 setParentFilterId ($parentFilterId)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Filter
 addError ($message)
 clearErrors ()
execute (&$input)
 Filter ($inputType, $outputType)
 getDisplayName ()
 getErrors ()
getInputType ()
getLastInput ()
getLastOutput ()
getOutputType ()
getRuntimeEnvironment ()
 getSeq ()
 hasErrors ()
 isCompatibleWithRuntimeEnvironment ()
process (&$input)
 setDisplayName ($displayName)
 setRuntimeEnvironment (&$runtimeEnvironment)
 setSeq ($seq)
 setTransformationType (&$inputType, &$outputType)
 supports (&$input, &$output)
 supportsAsInput (&$input)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DataObject
 addSupportedMetadataAdapter ($metadataAdapter)
 DataObject ()
 extractMetadata ($metadataSchema)
 getAdditionalMetadataFieldNames ()
getAllData ()
getData ($key, $locale=null)
 getHasLoadableAdapters ()
 getId ()
 getLocaleMetadataFieldNames ()
getLocalizedData ($key)
 getMetadataFieldNames ($translated=true)
 getSetMetadataFieldNames ($translated=true)
 getSupportedExtractionAdapters ()
 getSupportedInjectionAdapters ()
 getSupportedMetadataSchemas ()
 hasData ($key, $locale=null)
 injectMetadata ($metadataDescription)
 removeSupportedMetadataAdapter ($metadataSchemaName)
 setAllData (&$data)
 setData ($key, $value, $locale=null)
 setHasLoadableAdapters ($hasLoadableAdapters)
 setId ($id)
 upcastTo ($targetObject)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from PersistableFilter
static tempGroup ($inputType, $outputType)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Filter
static supportedRuntimeEnvironmentSettings ()
- Public Attributes inherited from PersistableFilter
 $_settings = array()
- Public Attributes inherited from Filter
 $_errors = array()
 $_runtimeEnvironment = false
- Public Attributes inherited from DataObject
 $_data = array()
 $_extractionAdaptersLoaded = false
 $_hasLoadableAdapters = false
 $_injectionAdaptersLoaded = false
 $_metadataExtractionAdapters = array()
 $_metadataInjectionAdapters = array()

Detailed Description

Class that converts a Native XML document to a set of monographs.

Definition at line 18 of file

Member Function Documentation

NativeXmlMonographFilter::getClassName ( )

Return the fully qualified class name of the filter class. This information must be persisted when saving a filter so that the filter can later be reconstructed from the information in the database.

(This must be hard coded by sub-classes for PHP4 compatibility. PHP4 always returns class names lowercase which we cannot tolerate as we need this path to find the class on case sensitive file systems.)

Definition at line 34 of file

NativeXmlMonographFilter::getImportFilter (   $elementName)

Get the import filter for a given element.

$elementNamestring Name of XML element

Definition at line 92 of file

References DAORegistry\getDAO().

Referenced by parsePublicationFormat().

NativeXmlMonographFilter::getPublishedSubmissionDAO ( )

Get the published submission DAO for this application.


Definition at line 42 of file

References DAORegistry\getDAO().

NativeXmlMonographFilter::handleChildElement (   $n,

Handle an element whose parent is the submission element.


Definition at line 74 of file

References parsePublicationFormat(), and NativeXmlSubmissionFilter\parseSubmissionFile().

NativeXmlMonographFilter::NativeXmlMonographFilter (   $filterGroup)



Definition at line 23 of file

NativeXmlMonographFilter::parsePublicationFormat (   $n,

Parse a publication format and add it to the submission.


Definition at line 119 of file

References PKPRequest\getContext(), NativeImportExportFilter\getDeployment(), getImportFilter(), and PKPRequest\getUser().

Referenced by handleChildElement().

NativeXmlMonographFilter::populateObject (   $submission,

Populate the submission object from the node


Definition at line 52 of file

References DAORegistry\getDAO().

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