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MetadataTypeDescription Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MetadataTypeDescription:
ClassTypeDescription TypeDescription

Public Member Functions

 checkType (&$object)
 getAssocType ()
 getMetadataSchemaClass ()
 getNamespace ()
 MetadataTypeDescription ($typeName)
 parseTypeName ($typeName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ClassTypeDescription
 checkType (&$object)
 ClassTypeDescription ($typeName)
 getNamespace ()
 parseTypeName ($typeName)
 splitClassName ($typeName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TypeDescription
 _parseTypeNameInternally ($typeName)
 checkType (&$object)
 getNamespace ()
 getTypeDescription ()
 getTypeName ()
 isCompatible ($object)
 parseTypeName ($typeName)
 TypeDescription ($typeName)

Public Attributes

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Detailed Description

Type validator for metadata input/output.

This type description accepts descriptors of the following form: metadata::fully.qualified.MetadataSchema(ASSOC)

e.g.: metadata::lib.pkp.plugins.metadata.nlm30.schema.Nlm30CitationSchema(ARTICLE)

The assoc form must be the final part of a ASSOC_TYPE_* definition. It can be '*' to designate any assoc type.

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Member Function Documentation

MetadataTypeDescription::checkType ( $object)
See Also

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References $_assocType.

MetadataTypeDescription::getAssocType ( )

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MetadataTypeDescription::getMetadataSchemaClass ( )
string the fully qualified class name of the meta-data schema.

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MetadataTypeDescription::getNamespace ( )
MetadataTypeDescription::MetadataTypeDescription (   $typeName)


$typeNamestring a fully qualified class name.

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MetadataTypeDescription::parseTypeName (   $typeName)

Member Data Documentation

integer MetadataTypeDescription::$_assocType

the expected assoc type of the meta-data description

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Referenced by checkType().

string MetadataTypeDescription::$_metadataSchemaClassName

the expected meta-data schema class

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string MetadataTypeDescription::$_metadataSchemaPackageName

the expected meta-data schema package

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