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LinkActionRequest Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for LinkActionRequest:
AjaxAction Modal NullAction OpenWindowAction RedirectAction AjaxModal ConfirmationModal PostAndRedirectAction AjaxLegacyPluginModal WizardModal JsEventConfirmationModal RedirectConfirmationModal RemoteActionConfirmationModal

Public Member Functions

 getJSLinkActionRequest ()
 getLocalizedOptions ()
 LinkActionRequest ()

Detailed Description

Abstract base class defining an action to be taken when a link action is activated.

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Member Function Documentation

LinkActionRequest::getJSLinkActionRequest ( )

Return the JavaScript controller that will handle this request.


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LinkActionRequest::getLocalizedOptions ( )

Return the options to be passed on to the JS action request handler.

array An array describing the dialog options.

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LinkActionRequest::LinkActionRequest ( )


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