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LibraryFileGridCategoryRow Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for LibraryFileGridCategoryRow:
GridCategoryRow GridRow GridBodyElement

Public Member Functions

 getCategoryLabel ()
 getContext ()
 initialize ($request)
 LibraryFileGridCategoryRow ($context)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GridCategoryRow
 getCategoryLabel ()
 getEmptyCategoryRowText ()
 GridCategoryRow ()
 setEmptyCategoryRowText ($emptyCategoryRowText)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GridRow
 addAction ($action, $position=GRID_ACTION_POSITION_DEFAULT)
 getActions ($position=GRID_ACTION_POSITION_DEFAULT)
getData ()
 getGridId ()
 getIsModified ()
 getNoActionMessage ()
 getRequestArgs ()
 getTemplate ()
 GridRow ()
 hasActions ()
 initialize ($request, $template=null)
 setData (&$data)
 setGridId ($gridId)
 setIsModified ($isModified)
 setNoActionMessage ($message)
 setRequestArgs ($requestArgs)
 setTemplate ($template)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GridBodyElement
 addFlag ($flag, $value=true)
getCellProvider ()
 getFlag ($flag)
 getFlags ()
 getId ()
 GridBodyElement ($id= '', $cellProvider=null, $flags=array())
 hasFlag ($flag)
 setCellProvider (&$cellProvider)
 setId ($id)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from GridCategoryRow
 $_emptyCategoryRowText = 'grid.noItems'
- Public Attributes inherited from GridRow
 $_actions = array(GRID_ACTION_POSITION_DEFAULT => array())
- Public Attributes inherited from GridBodyElement

Detailed Description

Library file grid category row definition.

Definition at line 19 of file

Member Function Documentation

LibraryFileGridCategoryRow::getCategoryLabel ( )

Category rows only have one cell and one label. This is it. return string

Definition at line 38 of file

References getContext().

LibraryFileGridCategoryRow::getContext ( )

Get the context

object context

Definition at line 48 of file

References $_context.

Referenced by getCategoryLabel().

LibraryFileGridCategoryRow::initialize (   $request)

Initialize a row instance.

Subclasses can override this method.


Definition at line 55 of file

References GridRow\getData(), and GridBodyElement\setId().

LibraryFileGridCategoryRow::LibraryFileGridCategoryRow (   $context)


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Member Data Documentation


the context for our Library file manager

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Referenced by getContext().

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