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JsEventConfirmationModal Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for JsEventConfirmationModal:
ConfirmationModal Modal LinkActionRequest

Public Member Functions

 getEvent ()
 getExtraArguments ()
 getLocalizedOptions ()
 JsEventConfirmationModal ($dialogText, $event= 'confirmationModalConfirmed', $extraArguments=null, $title=null, $titleIcon=null, $okButton=null, $cancelButton=null, $canClose=true)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConfirmationModal
 ConfirmationModal ($dialogText, $title=null, $titleIcon= 'modal_confirm', $okButton=null, $cancelButton=null, $canClose=true, $width=MODAL_WIDTH_AUTO)
 getCancelButton ()
 getDialogText ()
 getLocalizedOptions ()
 getOkButton ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Modal
 getCanClose ()
 getJSLinkActionRequest ()
 getLocalizedOptions ()
 getTitle ()
 getTitleIcon ()
 getWidth ()
 Modal ($title=null, $titleIcon=null, $canClose=true, $width=MODAL_WIDTH_DEFAULT)
- Public Member Functions inherited from LinkActionRequest
 getJSLinkActionRequest ()
 getLocalizedOptions ()
 LinkActionRequest ()

Public Attributes

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Detailed Description

Class defining a simple confirmation modal which generates a JS event and ok/cancel buttons.

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Member Function Documentation

JsEventConfirmationModal::getEvent ( )

Get the event.


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Referenced by getExtraArguments().

JsEventConfirmationModal::getExtraArguments ( )

Get the extra arguments.


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References getEvent().

JsEventConfirmationModal::getLocalizedOptions ( )
JsEventConfirmationModal::JsEventConfirmationModal (   $dialogText,
  $event = 'confirmationModalConfirmed',
  $extraArguments = null,
  $title = null,
  $titleIcon = null,
  $okButton = null,
  $cancelButton = null,
  $canClose = true 


$dialogTextstring The localized text to appear in the dialog modal.
$eventstring the name of the JS event.
$extraArgumentsarray (optional) extra information to be passed as JSON data with the event.
$titlestring (optional) The localized modal title.
$remoteUrlstring (optional) A URL to be redirected to when the confirmation button is clicked.
$titleIconstring (optional) The icon to be used in the modal title bar.
$okButtonstring (optional) The localized text to appear on the confirmation button.
$cancelButtonstring (optional) The localized text to appear on the cancel button.
$canCloseboolean (optional) Whether the modal will have a close button.

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References $_event.

Member Data Documentation

string JsEventConfirmationModal::$_event

The name of the event to be generated when this modal is confirmed

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Referenced by JsEventConfirmationModal().

array JsEventConfirmationModal::$_extraArguments

extra arguments to be passed to the JS controller

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