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ImportExportPlugin Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ImportExportPlugin:
Plugin NativeImportExportPlugin Onix30ExportPlugin

Public Member Functions

 display ($args, $request)
 executeCLI ($scriptName, $args)
 getDescription ()
 getDisplayName ()
 getManagementVerbLinkAction ($request, $verb)
 getManagementVerbs ()
 getName ()
 manage ($verb, $args, &$message, &$messageParams, &$pluginModalContent=null)
 smartyPluginUrl ($params, &$smarty)
 usage ($scriptName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Plugin
 _getContextSpecificInstallationHook ()
 addLocaleData ($locale=null)
 getCategory ()
 getContextSpecificPluginSettingsFile ()
 getContextSpecificSetting ($context, $name)
 getCurrentVersion ()
 getDescription ()
 getDisplayName ()
 getHideManagement ()
 getInstallDataFile ()
 getInstallEmailTemplateDataFile ()
 getInstallEmailTemplatesFile ()
 getInstallFilterConfigFiles ()
 getInstallSchemaFile ()
 getInstallSitePluginSettingsFile ()
 getLocaleFilename ($locale)
 getManagementVerbLinkAction ($request, $verb)
 getManagementVerbs ()
 getName ()
 getPluginPath ()
getRequest ()
 getSeq ()
 getSetting ($contextId, $name)
 getSettingMainContext ()
 getTemplatePath ($inCore=false)
 import ($class)
 installContextSpecificSettings ($hookName, $args)
 installData ($hookName, $args)
 installEmailTemplateData ($hookName, $args)
 installEmailTemplates ($hookName, $args)
 installFilters ($hookName, $args)
 installLocale ($hookName, $args)
 installSiteSettings ($hookName, $args)
 isSitePlugin ()
 manage ($verb, $args, &$message, &$messageParams, &$pluginModalContent=null)
 Plugin ()
 register ($category, $path)
 smartyPluginUrl ($params, &$smarty)
 updateContextSpecificSetting ($context, $name, $value, $type=null)
 updateSchema ($hookName, $args)
 updateSetting ($contextId, $name, $value, $type=null)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Plugin

Detailed Description

Abstract class for import/export plugins.

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Member Function Documentation

ImportExportPlugin::display (   $args,

Display the import/export plugin UI.

$argsArray The array of arguments the user supplied.

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References Plugin\$request.

ImportExportPlugin::executeCLI (   $scriptName,

Execute import/export tasks using the command-line interface.

$scriptNameThe name of the command-line script (displayed as usage info)
$argsParameters to the plugin

Definition at line 62 of file

References usage().

ImportExportPlugin::getDescription ( )

Get a description of the plugin.

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ImportExportPlugin::getDisplayName ( )

Get the display name of this plugin. This name is displayed on the Press Manager's import/export page, for example.


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ImportExportPlugin::getManagementVerbLinkAction (   $request,
ImportExportPlugin::getManagementVerbs ( )

Display verbs for the management interface.

Definition at line 77 of file

ImportExportPlugin::getName ( )

Get the name of this plugin. The name must be unique within its category.

String name of plugin

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Referenced by getManagementVerbLinkAction(), and smartyPluginUrl().

ImportExportPlugin::manage (   $verb,
$pluginModalContent = null 
See Also
PKPPlugin::manage($verb, $args, $message, $messageParams, $pluginModalContent)

Definition at line 117 of file

References Plugin\$request.

ImportExportPlugin::smartyPluginUrl (   $params,

Extend the {url ...} smarty to support import/export plugins.

Definition at line 127 of file

References getName().

ImportExportPlugin::usage (   $scriptName)

Display the command-line usage information

Definition at line 70 of file

Referenced by executeCLI().

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