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HandlerValidator Class Reference

Inherited by HandlerValidatorCustom, and HandlerValidatorPolicy.

Public Member Functions

 HandlerValidator (&$handler, $redirectToLogin=false, $message=null, $additionalArgs=array())
 isValid ()

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Class to represent a page validation check.

Class to represent a policy based validation check.

NB: Deprecated - please use ContextRequiredPolicy instead, see #5868.

NB: This class is deprecated and only exists for backward compatibility. Please use AuthorizationPolicy classes for authorization from now on.

NB: Deprecated - please use RoleBasedHandlerOperationPolicy instead.

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Member Function Documentation

HandlerValidator::HandlerValidator ( $handler,
  $redirectToLogin = false,
  $message = null,
  $additionalArgs = array() 


$handlerHandler the associated form
$messagestring the error message for validation failures (i18n key)

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References $additionalArgs, $handler, $message, and $redirectToLogin.

HandlerValidator::isValid ( )

Check if field value is valid. Default check is that field is either optional or not empty.


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Member Data Documentation


additional Args to pass in the URL

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Referenced by HandlerValidator().


The Handler associated with the check

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Referenced by HandlerValidator().


message for login screen

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Referenced by HandlerValidator().


bool flag for redirecting

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Referenced by HandlerValidator().

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