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GridRow Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GridRow:
GridBodyElement AddThisStatisticsGridRow AnnouncementGridRow AnnouncementTypeGridRow ApprovedProofFilesGridRow CategoryGridRow ContextGridRow ContributorGridRow EventLogGridRow GenreGridRow GridCategoryRow IdentificationCodeGridRow LanguageGridRow LibraryFileGridRow ListbuilderGridRow MarketsGridRow NotificationsGridRow PKPAuthorGridRow PKPCitationGridRow PKPFilterGridRow PKPPluginGridRow PKPPreparedEmailsGridRow PublicationDateGridRow PublicationFormatGridRow RepresentativesGridRow ReviewerGridRow ReviewerSelectGridRow SalesRightsGridRow SeriesGridRow SignoffGridRow SocialMediaGridRow SponsorGridRow SpotlightsGridRow StageParticipantGridRow SubmissionChecklistGridRow SubmissionFilesGridRow UserGridRow UserGroupGridRow

Public Member Functions

 addAction ($action, $position=GRID_ACTION_POSITION_DEFAULT)
 getActions ($position=GRID_ACTION_POSITION_DEFAULT)
getData ()
 getGridId ()
 getIsModified ()
 getNoActionMessage ()
 getRequestArgs ()
 getTemplate ()
 GridRow ()
 hasActions ()
 initialize ($request, $template=null)
 setData (&$data)
 setGridId ($gridId)
 setIsModified ($isModified)
 setNoActionMessage ($message)
 setRequestArgs ($requestArgs)
 setTemplate ($template)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GridBodyElement
 addFlag ($flag, $value=true)
getCellProvider ()
 getFlag ($flag)
 getFlags ()
 getId ()
 GridBodyElement ($id= '', $cellProvider=null, $flags=array())
 hasFlag ($flag)
 setCellProvider (&$cellProvider)
 setId ($id)

Public Attributes

 $_actions = array(GRID_ACTION_POSITION_DEFAULT => array())
- Public Attributes inherited from GridBodyElement

Detailed Description

Class defining basic operations for handling HTML gridRows.

NB: If you want row-level refresh then you must override the getData() method so that it fetches data (e.g. from the database) when called. The data to be fetched can be determined from the id (=row id) which is always set.

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Member Function Documentation

GridRow::getActions (   $position = GRID_ACTION_POSITION_DEFAULT)

Get all actions for a given position within the controller

$positionstring the position of the actions
array the LinkActions for the given position

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GridRow::getGridId ( )

Get the grid id


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Referenced by GenreGridRow\initialize(), LanguageGridRow\initialize(), and UserGridRow\initialize().

GridRow::getIsModified ( )

Get the modified flag for the row


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GridRow::getNoActionMessage ( )

Get the no action message for this row.


Definition at line 165 of file

GridRow::getRequestArgs ( )

Get the grid request parameters.

See Also

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Referenced by CategoryGridRow\initialize(), and UserGridRow\initialize().

GridRow::getTemplate ( )

Get the row template - override base implementation to provide a sensible default.


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GridRow::GridRow ( )


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GridRow::hasActions ( )

Get whether this row has any actions or not.


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GridRow::initialize (   $request,
  $template = null 

Initialize a row instance.

Subclasses can override this method.


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GridRow::setData ( $data)

Set the data element(s) for this controller


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GridRow::setGridId (   $gridId)

Set the grid id


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GridRow::setIsModified (   $isModified)

Set the modified flag for the row


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GridRow::setNoActionMessage (   $message)

Set the no action message for the row.


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GridRow::setRequestArgs (   $requestArgs)

Set the grid request parameters.

See Also

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GridRow::setTemplate (   $template)

Set the controller template


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Referenced by addAction(), and AddThisStatisticsGridRow\initialize().

Member Data Documentation

array GridRow::$_actions = array(GRID_ACTION_POSITION_DEFAULT => array())

row actions, the first key represents the position of the action in the row template, the second key represents the action id.

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mixed GridRow::$_data

the row's data source

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Referenced by AddThisStatisticsGridRow\initialize(), and SocialMediaGridRow\initialize().

the GridRow::$_gridId

grid this row belongs to

Definition at line 37 of file

boolean GridRow::$_isModified

true if the row has been modified

Definition at line 49 of file

string GridRow::$_noActionMessage

an optional message to display as a 'grid action' in place of real grid actions

Definition at line 55 of file

string GridRow::$_template

the row template

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