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GridFeature Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GridFeature:
GridCategoryAccordionFeature OrderItemsFeature PagingFeature SelectableItemsFeature OrderCategoryGridItemsFeature OrderGridItemsFeature OrderListbuilderItemsFeature OrderMultipleListsItemsFeature

Public Member Functions

 addOptions ($options)
 fetchGrid ($args)
 fetchRow ($args)
 fetchUIElements ($request, $grid)
 getGridDataElements ($args)
 getGridRangeInfo ($args)
 getId ()
 getInitializedCategoryRowInstance ($args)
 getInitializedRowInstance ($args)
 getJSClass ()
 getOptions ()
 getRequestArgs ($args)
 GridFeature ($id)
 gridInitialize ($args)
 loadData ($args)
 saveSequence ($args)
 setGridDataElements ($args)
 setId ($id)
 setOptions ($request, $grid)

Detailed Description

Base grid feature class. A feature is a type of plugin specific to the grid widgets. It provides several hooks to allow injection of additional grid functionality. This class implements template methods to be extendeded by subclasses.

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Member Function Documentation

GridFeature::addOptions (   $options)

Add feature js class options.

$optionsarray $optionId => $optionValue

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References fetchUIElements().

Referenced by OrderCategoryGridItemsFeature\OrderCategoryGridItemsFeature().

GridFeature::fetchGrid (   $args)

Hook called on grid fetching.

$argsarray 'grid' => GridHandler

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GridFeature::fetchRow (   $args)

Hook called after a row is fetched.

$argsarray 'request' => PKPRequest 'grid' => GridHandler 'row' => mixed GridRow or null 'jsonMessage' => JSONMessage

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GridFeature::fetchUIElements (   $request,

Fetch any user interface elements that this feature needs to add its functionality into the grid. Use this only for ui elements that grid will not fetch itself.

$gridGridHandler The grid that this feature is attached to.
array It is expected that the array returns data in this format: $elementId => $elementMarkup

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Referenced by addOptions().

GridFeature::getGridDataElements (   $args)

Hook called when grid data is retrieved.

$argsarray 'request' => PKPRequest 'grid' => GridHandler 'gridData' => mixed (array or ItemIterator) 'filter' => array

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GridFeature::getGridRangeInfo (   $args)

Hook called every time the grid range info is retrieved.

$argsarray 'request' => PKPRequest 'grid' => GridHandler 'rangeInfo' => DBResultRange

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GridFeature::getId ( )

Get feature id.


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GridFeature::getInitializedCategoryRowInstance (   $args)

Hook called on grid category row initialization.

$argsarray 'request' => PKPRequest 'grid' => CategoryGridHandler 'categoryId' => int 'row' => GridCategoryRow

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GridFeature::getInitializedRowInstance (   $args)

Hook called every time grid initialize a row object.

$argsarray 'grid' => GridHandler, 'row' => GridRow

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GridFeature::getJSClass ( )

Return the java script feature class.


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GridFeature::getOptions ( )

Get feature js class options.


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Referenced by OrderCategoryGridItemsFeature\getType().

GridFeature::getRequestArgs (   $args)

Hook called every time grid request args are required. Note that if the specific grid implementation extends the getRequestArgs method, this hook will only be called if the extending method call its parent.

$argsarray 'grid' => GridHandler 'requestArgs' => array

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GridFeature::GridFeature (   $id)


$idstring Feature id.

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GridFeature::gridInitialize (   $args)

Hook called on grid's initialization.

$argsarray Contains the grid handler referenced object in 'grid' array index.

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GridFeature::loadData (   $args)

Hook called on grid's data loading.

$argsarray 'request' => PKPRequest, 'grid' => GridHandler, 'gridData' => array

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GridFeature::saveSequence (   $args)

Hook called when save grid items sequence is requested.

$argsarray 'request' => PKPRequest, 'grid' => GridHandler

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GridFeature::setGridDataElements (   $args)

Hook called before grid data is setted.

$argsarray 'grid' => GridHandler 'data' => mixed (array or ItemIterator)

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GridFeature::setId (   $id)

Set feature id.


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GridFeature::setOptions (   $request,

Set feature js class options. Extend this method to define more feature js class options.


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