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FormValidatorCustomTest Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for FormValidatorCustomTest:

Public Member Functions

 testIsValid ()
 userValidationFunction ($value, $additionalArgument)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PKPTestCase
 getActualOutput ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from PKPTestCase
 getMockedDAOs ()
 getMockedRegistryKeys ()
 mockRequest ($path= 'index/test-page/test-op', $userId=null)
 setTestConfiguration ($config, $configPath= 'config')
 setUp ()
 tearDown ()

Detailed Description

Test class for FormValidatorCustom.

See Also

Definition at line 20 of file FormValidatorCustomTest.php.

Member Function Documentation

FormValidatorCustomTest::testIsValid ( )
See Also

Definition at line 28 of file FormValidatorCustomTest.php.

FormValidatorCustomTest::userValidationFunction (   $value,

This function is used as a custom validation callback for fields. It simply reflects the additional argument so that we can easily manipulate its return value. The value passed in to this method is saved internally for later inspection.

boolean the value passed in to $additionalArgument

Definition at line 69 of file FormValidatorCustomTest.php.

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