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FormValidatorArray Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for FormValidatorArray:

Public Member Functions

 FormValidatorArray (&$form, $field, $type, $message, $fields=array())
 getErrorFields ()
 isValid ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FormValidator
 FormValidator (&$form, $field, $type, $message, $validator=null)
 getField ()
 getFieldValue ()
getForm ()
 getMessage ()
 getType ()
getValidator ()
 isEmptyAndOptional ()
 isValid ()

Public Attributes

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Detailed Description

Form validation check that checks an array of fields.

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Member Function Documentation

FormValidatorArray::FormValidatorArray ( $form,
  $fields = array() 


$formForm the associated form
$fieldstring the name of the associated field
$typestring the type of check, either "required" or "optional"
$messagestring the error message for validation failures (i18n key)
$fieldsarray all subfields for each item in the array, i.e. name[][foo]. If empty it is assumed that name[] is a data field

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References $_errorFields.

FormValidatorArray::getErrorFields ( )

Get array of fields where an error occurred.


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References FormValidator\getFieldValue(), and FormValidator\getType().

FormValidatorArray::isValid ( )
See Also
FormValidator::isValid() Value is valid if it is empty and optional or all field values are set.

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References FormValidator\getField().

Member Data Documentation

array FormValidatorArray::$_errorFields

Array of field names where an error occurred

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Referenced by FormValidatorArray().

array FormValidatorArray::$_fields

Array of fields to check

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