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FileNotesLinkAction Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for FileNotesLinkAction:
FileLinkAction LinkAction

Public Member Functions

 FileNotesLinkAction ($request, $submissionFile, $user, $stageId=null, $removeHistoryTab=false)
 getModal ($request, $submissionFile, $stageId, $removeHistoryTab)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FileLinkAction
 FileLinkAction ($id, &$actionRequest, $title=null, $image=null, $tooltip=null)
 getActionArgs ($submissionFile, $stageId=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from LinkAction
 getActionRequest ()
 getHoverTitle ()
 getId ()
 getImage ()
 getTitle ()
 getToolTip ()
 LinkAction ($id, &$actionRequest, $title=null, $image=null, $toolTip=null)

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

An action to open up the notes IC for a file.

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Member Function Documentation

FileNotesLinkAction::FileNotesLinkAction (   $request,
  $stageId = null,
  $removeHistoryTab = false 


$submissionFileSubmissionFile the submission file to show information about.
$stageIdint (optional) The stage id that user is looking at.
$removeHistoryTabboolean (optional) Open the information center without the history tab.

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References getModal().

FileNotesLinkAction::getModal (   $request,

returns the modal for this link action. Must be overridden in subclasses.


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References FileLinkAction\getActionArgs().

Referenced by FileNotesLinkAction().

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