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EditorDecisionForm Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for EditorDecisionForm:
Form EditorDecisionWithEmailForm InitiateReviewForm NewReviewRoundForm PromoteForm SendReviewsForm

Public Member Functions

 _initiateReviewRound ($submission, $stageId, $request, $status=null)
 EditorDecisionForm ($submission, $decision, $stageId, $template, $reviewRound=null)
 fetch ($request)
 getDecision ()
 getReviewRound ()
 getStageId ()
 getSubmission ()
 readInputData ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Form
 _decomposeArray ($name, $value, $stack)
 addCheck ($formValidator)
 addError ($field, $message)
 addErrorField ($field)
 display ($request=null, $template=null)
 execute ($object=null)
 fetch ($request, $template=null, $display=false)
 Form ($template=null, $callHooks=true, $requiredLocale=null, $supportedLocales=null)
 getData ($key)
 getDefaultFormLocale ()
 getErrorsArray ()
 getFormLocale ()
 getLocaleFieldNames ()
 getRequiredLocale ()
 getTemplate ()
 initData ()
 isLocaleResubmit ()
 isValid ()
 readInputData ()
 readUserDateVars ($vars)
 readUserVars ($vars)
 setData ($key, $value)
 setTemplate ($template)
 smartyFormLanguageChooser ($params, &$smarty)
 validate ($callHooks=true)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from Form

Detailed Description

Base class for the editor decision forms.

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Member Function Documentation

EditorDecisionForm::_initiateReviewRound (   $submission,
  $status = null 

Initiate a new review round and add selected files to it. Also saves the new round to the submission.

$stageIdinteger One of the WORKFLOW_STAGE_ID_* constants.
$statusinteger One of the REVIEW_ROUND_STATUS_* constants.
$newRound integer The round number of the new review round.

Definition at line 150 of file

Referenced by NewReviewRoundForm\execute(), InitiateReviewForm\execute(), and PromoteForm\execute().

EditorDecisionForm::EditorDecisionForm (   $submission,
  $reviewRound = null 


$templatestring The template to display

Definition at line 54 of file

References $_decision.

EditorDecisionForm::fetch (   $request)
See Also

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EditorDecisionForm::getDecision ( )

Get the decision


Definition at line 72 of file

Referenced by SendReviewsForm\execute(), and PromoteForm\execute().

EditorDecisionForm::getReviewRound ( )

Get the review round object.


Definition at line 96 of file

Referenced by NewReviewRoundForm\execute(), SendReviewsForm\execute(), and PromoteForm\execute().

EditorDecisionForm::getStageId ( )

Get the stage Id


Definition at line 88 of file

References Form\readUserVars().

Referenced by SendReviewsForm\execute(), and PromoteForm\initData().

EditorDecisionForm::getSubmission ( )
EditorDecisionForm::readInputData ( )
See Also

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Member Data Documentation

integer EditorDecisionForm::$_decision

The decision being taken

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Referenced by EditorDecisionForm().

ReviewRound EditorDecisionForm::$_reviewRound

Only required when in review stages

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int EditorDecisionForm::$_stageId

The stage ID where the decision is being made

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Submission EditorDecisionForm::$_submission

The submission associated with the editor decision

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