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DownloadFileLinkAction Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DownloadFileLinkAction:
FileLinkAction LinkAction DownloadCopyeditedFileLinkAction

Public Member Functions

 DownloadFileLinkAction ($request, $submissionFile, $stageId=null, $label=null)
 getLabel ($submissionFile)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FileLinkAction
 FileLinkAction ($id, &$actionRequest, $title=null, $image=null, $tooltip=null)
 getActionArgs ($submissionFile, $stageId=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from LinkAction
 getActionRequest ()
 getHoverTitle ()
 getId ()
 getImage ()
 getTitle ()
 getToolTip ()
 LinkAction ($id, &$actionRequest, $title=null, $image=null, $toolTip=null)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from LinkAction

Detailed Description

An action to download a file.

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Member Function Documentation

DownloadFileLinkAction::DownloadFileLinkAction (   $request,
  $stageId = null,
  $label = null 


$submissionFileSubmissionFile the submission file to link to.
$stageIdint (optional)
$labelstring (optional) Label to use instead of filename

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DownloadFileLinkAction::getLabel (   $submissionFile)

Get the label for the file download action.


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Member Data Documentation

string DownloadFileLinkAction::$label

Optional label to use instead of file name

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